Moms for Social Justice was founded in August 2017 by four local mothers who were exhausted and frustrated with the current social and political climate. They decided it was time to stop talking the talk without also walking the walk. In less than a year, the group grew from a handful of concerned citizens eager to learn how to make a tangible impact in their neighborhoods to a coalition of over a thousand engaged community members across Chattanooga and beyond.

Moms for Social Justice is dedicated to supporting other active, local community groups and efforts, such as UnifiED, Moms Demand Action, Chattanooga Pride, and Chattanooga Leading Change. Additionally, MSJ has organized and hosted a variety of events, including family-friendly story hours and community playdates, political events highlighting local progressive candidates. Our bi-monthly Social Justice Hours introduce like-minded moms to one another and share opportunities to help them become active community members, encouraging the transition from concerned but passive to active and mobilized citizen. All of these events are free to the public, giving equal opportunity to anyone and everyone who wants to be a voice and catalyst for change in the Chattanooga community. You can find a list of upcoming events here.

In August 2018, MSJ announced its next initiative: The Classroom Library Project. With the goal of encouraging and promoting literacy throughout Hamilton County schools and homes, MSJ plans to fund, install, and stock diverse libraries in at least 5 classrooms in Hamilton County over the next year, with the primary focus being on Opportunity Zone schools.
It is the hope of Moms for Social Justice and the Classroom Library Project that these libraries not only include relevant and recently published works of children’s literature, but also be representative of the populations of children who will utilize them—teaching them more about the world and people around them and encouraging a love of reading. For more information on the Classroom Library project and how you can be involved, click here.